Metal Cleaning is a leader in Italy and Europe in the distribution of products for the chemical and electroplating and accessories for surface treatment.

Specialization, reliability and technical expertise guarantee a primary service quality to end users. Metal Cleaning is now a qualified reference point with a wide range of products, ranging from raw metals or semi-finished chemical products, with a wide selection to suit every need small or large.

Innovation, research and reliability are the characteristics that have always distinguished us. The loyalty of our customers and their satisfaction, we are the highest form of certification of the quality of our service and the key to our success.

Armed with a quality service that makes us a reliable partner, present and attentive, we provide solutions and expertise to meet the new needs of the market. Metal Cleaning has a technical department that carries out continuous research to ensure high standards in the selection and supply of equipment and products, with broad support.

A network of well-organized sales with officials present in the whole of Europe, along with a method of delivery of the goods to the customer's home, enabled by our vehicles and specially trained staff, we ensure a secure, direct and precise.