METAL CLEANING spa, founded in 1978 as a company for the production of electrolytic degreasing chemicals for the electroplating industry.
The continued interest and market trends have encouraged us to give more space and prominence to the marketing of raw materials, salts and metals for the treatment of nickel, zinc, copper plating, silver plating and brassing, leading us to conquer a primary role as distributors of leading brands in Europe and worldwide.
The continuous introduction of new products and the gradual expansion of the activities in a building of over 5000 square meters. have led us to take care, for years, of products for the buffing as pretreatment step galvanic, to provide materials, equipment and advice for each processing rotofinitura, vibratory finishing and sanding.
All this takes place with the maximum reliability, ensuring high capacity of storing goods, in order to satisfy real-time requirements of the industry.

of the salts and metals carefully selected among the sector’s leading global producers to guarantee full compliance with the standards.

to solve any vibratory mass finishing problem, from the supply of the specific chemical, to the best cycle, waste water purification and recirculation.

of the service guaranteed by a wide range of products always in stock, qualified staff and our own vehicles licensed to transport hazardous materials with delivery to the customer’s premises.

Thirty years’ 
experience in the preparation and formulation of chemical and electrolytic degreasing agents, also for third parties, and constant research for new products for the treatment of metal surfaces.



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